Danger alerts!



Treasure Hunting
you have never experienced before!

You barely escaped from shipwrecked by a violent storm.
Until the returning ship to Oddria comes, Find hidden ancient treasures!
Some Treasures will give you mighty powers, and those will give you a higher chance of boarding on the returning ship.
Win or lose, doesn’t really matter as long as if you save yourself on this strange island.

Treasure hunting

Find ancient treasures hidden 
across this mysterious island.
With compass on your hand,

nothing can fear you.


Collect resources from wild nature and Craft tools to find treasures.
Everything is valuable on this island.

online team-battle

Collaborate with your companions
to win this battle! Remember!
Your enemies appear anywhere from coast to the bottomless swamp.

Be simple but strategic in real-time battle

A simple but strategic battle inspired by fighting action games. Randomly changing maps and treasures.
Each gameplay will constantly require you to think of new strategies to survive. Be brave and brainy to win this battle.

Do you want to be a part of our journey
as a treasure hunter?

From Lexie, a stubborn daughter of the notorious pirate,
to Woody, a timid knight from a fallen noble family, and Robert, a frog who escaped from a popular circus,
Oddria has many distinctive treasure hunters. Get to know your fellow treasure hunters now.

Coming to Steam in 2020

Coming to steam in 2020