ODDRIA! : The Treasure Hunt

Oddria! is a strategic game in which 6 distinctive treasure hunters are divided into two teams to fight fiercely
by discovering hidden treasures on the mysterious island.


Look around you. 
From jungle to desert, mine, and swamp!
Explore everywhere on this mysterious island. 

Craft anything from a dagger 
to a blunderbuss and a tongue (..?)! 
Learning how to survive in wild nature 
is your top priority!


TReasure hunting

Follow the direction of where the arrow points. 
It is the place where the treasures are hidden. 

As long as you follow the direction 
where your compass leads, 
You will find the hidden treasures!

Only adventurers who find 3 treasures first 
can board on the returning ship back to Oddria.


Real-time BAttle

Already found the treasures? Watch out! 
Other adventurers and suspicious ghouls.. 
They are chasing after you day and night. 

On this strange island, 
you can't let your guard down for a sec! 
Protect your precious treasures from the enemies until the returning ship arrives.

Don't forget! 

Only adventurers who find the hidden treasures will be allowed to 
get on board of the returning ship back to Oddria. 
Fingers crossed, adventurers! 

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Coming to Steam in 2020

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