Lexie Drake

A novice pirate from the Red Ribbons

A novice pirate, Lexie Drake.
Her only goal is to spread her fame
as a notorious pirate all over the seas.
Just the thought of becoming a super-rich
by discovering amazing treasures makes
her heart beats faster.

The voyage with wild sea-men had changed Lexie
a bit tougher and rougher.
There is a rumor that Lexie who is the all-time winner
of beer drinking competition is actually
the only daughter of the legendary pirate.

When Lexie drifted together
with Woody and Robert,
she felt frustrated with her companions,
but she walked out toward the treasures without any hesitation.
Nothing can make a novice pirate frightened
even on this strange island.


Pirate's Dagger
Pirate's Dagger